Coat of arms and symbol of Istria-Goat

The path of the Istrian goat was not easy.
During the Venetian rule, after the exposure of certain areas of Istria and the Adriatic islands was noticed, bans and restrictions on keeping goats began. The ban on unrestricted grazing and goat breeding was carried out selectively, while numerous decrees, laws, decrees and prohibitions were valid and mandatory for most of Istria since the 18th century.
Despite the bans, Istrian peasants still managed to preserve goats and nurture "cattle for the poor" in Istria. The coat of arms of the Republic of Croatia is based on the historical coats of arms of Croatian areas, and has the shape of a shield above which is the "crown". The Istrian coat of arms contains in a shield on a blue field a yellow (golden) goat turned to the left with red hooves and horns.

He points out that the goat is on the coat of arms of Istria: "A symbol of hard work, because the feature of this animal is that it feeds on softer shoots that need to be climbed, while those that can be reached from the ground are left to others ...". The goat has always been a symbol of family and hard life in Istria, as evidenced by the popular song "Goat" by Mate Balota (real name Mijo Mirković, Rakalj, September 28, 1898 - Zagreb, February 17, 1963) in which he describes the sadness when the family goat dies.

 At the time of writing, the Istrian goat breed is considered an endangered species, and the Istria County is trying to revitalize and increase the number of individuals of this species. But fortunately in Istria there are hardworking people who work themselves for  the revitalization of not only Istrian goats but also other breeds of goats. In the small town of Krnica you can find the Kumparička- goat farm, which is a family farm where top quality goat cheese is produced. Their 250 goats graze on 200 hectares of ecological pastures, full of aromatic plants.

More info on farm: Kumparička (kumparicka.com)

Not far from Kumparička station, this beautiful villa is located and adorns the beautiful natural environment in which it is located. Modern interior will give you the impression of comfort where you feel at home. The ground floor consists of a beautiful living room with a large fireplace, a modern kitchen with a dining area, one bedroom with a bathroom and a separate toilet. The remaining 2 bedrooms are located together with two bathrooms on the upper floor. The fourth bedroom (double) is located in a small auxiliary building next to the pool, with an attached bathroom and next to the tavern, which is next to the kitchen equipped with a bread oven and fireplace.
The living room opens onto a covered terrace overlooking a beautifully landscaped lawn with the addition of a heated pool of 32m2 and a hot tub with sunbathing area for a real summer atmosphere. Also, on the terrace there is a barbecue where the family can gather and socialize with table tennis and billiards while the youngest can enjoy the children's playground with a slide. In the back of the garden there is another auxiliary building intended for personal needs of 28m2.
The villa is fully furnished. The ground floor and terrace are lined with Benkovac stone, and the exterior carpentry of the building is made of PVC carpentry. For a complete feeling of comfort at home, there is underfloor heating that is conducted on the ground floor through all rooms, and a convector valve that allows "switching" between heating and cooling systems, which makes it extremely popular. The villa is additionally equipped with solar panels.
The perfect property that connects all the elements of today's Istria, a luxurious lifestyle that is perfectly woven within the history, nature and beauty of the East Coast of Istria.

More info: https://velvet-realestate.hr/house/luxury-villa-with-pool-and-great-garden-near-marcana

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