BEAUTIES OF LABIN-Dubrova Sculpture Park

The beauty of Eastern Istria is certainly enriched by the Sculpture Park of Dubrova,  where the sculptures from the work of the Mediterranean Sculpture Symposium are located.
The Mediterranean Sculpture Symposium (MCS) is an art event founded in 1969 on the initiative of Labin painters Josip Diminić and Quintin Bassani and sculptor Milena Lah from Zagreb.
Dubrova Sculpture Park covers 33 hectares, partly surrounded by Istrian dry stone walls. In the Park you can find 67 sculptures by renowned Croatian and world artists, who have been creating under the auspices of the "Mediterranean Sculpture Symposium" since the 1970s. A special experience will be provided by a walk through the spatial and artistic work called "White Road" consisting of 16 sections of equal length realized so far, but also a vacation in the amphitheater called "Dolac".
You can see the sculptures created on Dubrova, except in the Park, through the coast from Pićan to Rabac.
We definitely recommend a visit at any time of the day, where you will encounter soothing nature and works of art that defy time.