A magical lake in Rabac

A magical lake in Rabac
Beautiful pebble beaches and clear blue sea are certainly the trump card of Rabac, but this tourist town hides a little secret about a beautiful place that we will now unveil to you.

When you arrive at the Oliva campsite in Rabac, pass the football field and follow the forest path, you will reach a waterfall that flows into a small lake, wrapped in a young forest full of life.

A place like in a fairy tale, is the starting point of the trail that leads you all the way to Labin.

Near the lake you can find the remains of an old mill that testifies to the history and activities of this area.
The tourist name "Sentona's path" is a path that will expose the most beautiful protected natural landscape of the Labin region with the fresh scent of the coastal pine, and bring you back to your childhood and forgotten landscapes from your imagination. Just minutes from the trail, on the former old road that connected Labin and Rabac, are the remains of the Romanesque church of St. Hadrian (12th / 13th century).

We definitely recommend a visit at any time of the year, although in late spring when nature turns green, it is truly a magical place and maybe if you look closely, you will see fairies in flight ...